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METALLURGICA LOMBARDA, established in 1919, has ever since been producing:
  • Shoe nails and tacks, of which is now one of the most important suppliers on a world-wide scale;
  • Forks for agricultural uses.
    Subsequently were also added to our catalogue:
  • Nails for various applications produced on customer's specification and made of the most varied materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel, alpaca...
  • Staples for pneumatic machines
  • Studs, eyelets and accessories for shoe factories.
    In our plant, which covers a surface of 9,000 mē, we have installed high quality machines, which constantly undergo improvements and updates : the result of unprecedented experience and constant attention to product quality.
    The meticulous selection of raw materials, the long training to which our operators are subjected and the severe controls made on the products during the various production phases are at the base of such a long lasting success.
    The completeness of our catalogue, the large assortment of products ready in stock and the consolidated efficiency of our organization enable us to ensure rapid and punctual deliveries. Our sales network, capillary in Italy, is also extended to over 40 countries all over the world.

    Metallurgica Lombarda
    20081 Abbiategrasso (MI) - Italy - Via Cassolnovo, 71
    Tel. + - Fax + - E-mail:info@metalo.it